Mobile Marketing Course


About Mobile Advertisement Course in Ahmedabad

What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile Advertising is marketing your products and services on Mobile apps on Android and iOS devices, Create Campaigns for Mobile Advertising. It is the future of smartphone marketing with personalized information.

How it is useful?

Mobile marketing enables you to reach more potential buyers than other marketing modes in low cost. This course helps you to develop skills in mobile advertising, responsive design, mobile analytics, and more and make you industry ready mobile marketer.

Mobile marketing yields immediate results. As most of the people have tendency to read the messages as soon as they receive them. Thus it is both efficient and effective mode of marketing.

Course curriculum

  • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  • Understanding Mobile Marketing with Integrated Marketing
  • How mobile is enhancing and changing the Digital Landscape
  • Creating an effective Mobile strategy
  • Mobile Trends and Planning
  • Mobile Campaign and Mobile Analytics

Mobile Marketing course leads to

  • Gain expertise and knowledge of Mobile Marketing Measurement and Analytics
  • In-depth knowledge of Mobile Rules and Regulations and better understand of Mobile devices, core mobile product and service offerings
  • Create compelling Mobile responsive design to drive great user experience
  • Establish a relationship with your customers in the long term.

What after the course?

  • Expertise in using mobile as a mean of marketing communication
  • You can combine mobile marketing with other channels to promote your product and service effectively.

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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